Google to penalise sites that aren’t mobile-friendly

Given that approximately 40 per cent of unique visits to websites are now made from people using mobile devices such as smartphones, it has been important in recent years for websites to be built in a fashion that makes them “mobile-responsive”, and therefore friendly to people using smaller screens. Until now, that importance stretched only so far as improving the user experience and therefore conversion rates on a website.

From 21 April 2015, however, this will also have a direct and significant bearing on how well your site ranks in Google. The world’s leading search engine (and the top referrer of traffic to most websites) will be penalising sites from that date if they don’t meet Google’s mobile-friendly guidelines. To see if your site meets those guidelines currently, please use the following testing tool:

Google is not going to be forgiving on the drgeee of mobile friendliness that a site possesses. They’re treating it as a black-n-white decision. A site is either mobile friendly, or it is not. For more information about what Google considers a site should do to pass its mobile-friendliness test, see this article from Search Engine Land:

Google Clarifies The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Roll Out Over a Week, Be a Yes/No Response, and More

Older sites are less likely to meet Google’s requirements. Even if this wasn’t a requirement, those sites would also be delivering a rather challenging user experience to those who visit from a smartphone. If your site has been neglected in recent years and is in need of a revamp to bring it up to speed, and to meet Google’s mobile-friendly requirements, please either submit a Quick Quote Request or Contact Us with any queries you may have and we’ll work to deliver a revamped, mobile-responsive scheme for your brand as quickly as possible.

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